Rabu, 13 April 2011

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Khamis, 7 April 2011

Plastic Surgery-It is Necessary???

Plastic surgery is the surgical method of correcting or restoring body parts and their functions.  Accordingly plastic surgery is categorized into two main fields, cosmetic surgery  for enhancing looks and beauty, and reconstructive surgery, which is carried out for the purpose of restoration of damaged body parts. Nowadays, plastic surgery becomes a trend in our life.  I think, plastic surgery is not necessary in our daily life because it against our law or culture, affect health and expensive method.

Firstly, plastic surgery is wrong at Islam side because it against our law and culture.  It becomes wrong when we do that for a cosmetic surgery.  For example, people want to be a good looking they make a plastic surgery to change part of their body.  Usually, woman willing to do that just because of want to look pretty.  It is totally wrong from Islam’s side because it changes God’s created.   So that, as a muslim, we cannot do a plastic surgery just for look beautiful.

Secondly, plastic surgery is also can affect health.  Cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, plastic surgery due to risk.  It has been observed that many individuals undergoing plastic surgery tend to suffer from an obsession or an infatuation with their look. This can cause an addiction and may impel them to undergo plastic surgery several times.  For example, to maintain the changes of the part of the body, they also have to take some medicine or injection per month.  On that case, we do not know about the medicines, and maybe it has a long-term effect to our body.  Sometimes, even a doctor, they do not inform us about the disadvantages of the surgery, because they have just get a profit from us.

Finally, plastic surgery is a very expensive method.  It can put tremendous financial pressure on us.  While accessing the cost of plastic surgery, people often tend to take into account the cost of the surgery only, and completely overlook the unexpected cost that can arise from postoperative complications.  For example, they forget about the cost of medications, which is cannot be avoided.  This situation will make more pressure and tend to suffer.  So that, it prove that, plastic surgery is very costly.

As a conclusion, I want to stress that, plastic surgery is not necessary.  It leads to more disadvantages than advantages.  We have to think wisely when dream to do that.  I hope, people will more careful in modern situation like now because sometimes something that we think right, it would be wrong actually.

Ahad, 27 Mac 2011

Smoking Should Be Banned?

Smoking is a phenomenon among the people whose existence could be interpreted from various aspects such as social relationships, environment, risks of dependence, health risks and other.  It also has become a fashionable in the world today to concern smoking especially among teenagers.  Smoking also causes various negative effects on individuals.   So that, I think, smoking should be banned because, it affects health, lead to addict and waste money.

The negative health effects of cigarette smoking cannot be debated. An estimated three thousand teenagers begin to smoke each day, and one thousands of them will eventually die as a result. Cigarette smoking leads potential to get lung cancers, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.  This is because, the inhaled smoke contains many harmful substances, such as tar, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, heavy metals and free radicals that can due to risk.  It shows that smoking is indeed harmful to health.

Moreover, smoking is lead to addiction.  Starting from smoking, it may be lead to drug.  All of them are very dangerous and will change good attitude to become worst.  For example, teenagers will be lost their lesson because they are influenced by this situation.  So that, because of smoking, it may be due to more negative site.

On top of that, smoking should be banned because, it will lead to waste money.  This is because, a packet of cigarette is estimated about RM10, if smoker spend money for a packet of cigarette in a month, it will costs RM300.  It is too expensive.  That is wastage of money especially to people who are married.  They actually have to use and spend money wisely for their life, so that, financial problem will be not happen.

As a conclusion, the world would be a better place without cigarette.  All of the responsible persons have to take an action, to avoid this problem to become worst.  From all cooperation given, then, we can produce healthy communities.